Financial Aspects

With an unbeatable location, high quality finishes and an array of top class facilities these apartments need no extra incentives to enhance their popularity. Despite this the owners have created an excellent package of financial benefits that make these apartments unbelievably attractive to a Golden Visa investor, a client taking advantage of the Non Habitual Residency Scheme and lastly to anyone seeking security, flexibility and a guaranteed rental return.

Here are the key points that make these apartments one of the best investments in Portugal;

5% Rental Guarantee for 5 years, or
3% Rental Guarantee for 10 years

All utility fees (water and electricity) will be paid by the Resort during the guaranteed rental period.
All condominium fees will be paid by the Resort during the guaranteed rental period

The apartments can be used for 26 weeks each year fulfilling the Non Habitual Residency Scheme qualification criteria. The only condition to this is that a maximum of 2 weeks can be taken in the peak period.

The only fee that the client will pay is the IMI (the annual council tax) which is estimated to be from 1000 euros for a two bedroom apartment and from 1500 euros for a three bedroom apartment.

These apartments are brand new and will have a five year construction guarantee.

The best just got better.